A Relationship-Based PRIVATE EQUITY FIRM Focused on Building Long-Lasting WIN-WIN Partnerships


Who Is Grow-Scale-Sell

Pacific Capital Team, LLC (Grow-Scale-Sell) is a relationship-driven private equity firm focused on building long lasting partnerships with a win-win methodology.

With a focus in retail, automotive care, food service, salons, child care & healthcare, we are driven by our desire to fulfill the needs of our communities by partnering with entrepreneurs and small business owners and utilizing our resources and operational infrastructure to fill the gaps and optimize growth.

John Davis, CEO

What We Value

Solid Relationships

Ultimately, in business a good relationship is the key to moving forward toward goals with a trusted partner. This is true for vendors, employees and - where we're concerned - an equity partner who either infuses cash into a business or purchases it using a partnering methodology. A good deal (and all good relationships, for that matter) means both people on either side "WIN" and there are no "losers."

Creative Solutions

We are experts at finding the unseen value in any business, and we know how to use that hidden value to bring the business to its full potential. We specialize in deploying 5 to 9 creative strategies for providing business owners combinations of the capital and management support they desire in moving on to the next stage of their business journey -- whether that means selling outright or adding financing to grow and/or scale operations.


Our work ethic drives us to move forward with integrity and purpose. When we commit to something, we get it done...whatever it takes! Our focus is on completing transactions, GROWING BUSINESSES, SCALING THEM & WORKING WITH OWNERS TO SELL. Period.

Who We Invest In


Food Services

Child Care




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